Background, mission and vision

In 2016, Orcawise graduated a 3-year university innovation program with the capability to blend the best of AI/DataScience/B2B/B2C to customise powerful tools that deliver - the right message, to the right buyer, at the right time. Orcawise invented a new layer of market intelligence called ‘buying signals’. This system monitors online conversations to identify buyers likely to buy certain products and services. The signals can also be used to personalise messages and start sales conversations. Today, Orcawise provides marketing organisations with API access to buying signals mined from millions of data sources - articles, blogs, video, social media, newspapers, zoom calls, etc.

Orcawise vision is to identify the worlds buying signals.

Portrait of Kevin Neary, Chief Executive

Kevin Neary - Chief Executive

Orcawise Marketing Data Science

Marketing Data Science

Embracing data science

AI tools provide companies with the ability to scale quickly. Orcawise buying signals power SDR’s, digital sellers, conversational interfaces and advanced marketing analytics. New approaches to content and communications are possible with instant access to summarised and relevant information from millions of data sources. To address the marketing AI needs of scaling companies in the next decade, the Orcawise founders established the Orcawise NLP Innovation Program to execute the company AI roadmap. This consists of a team of world class data scientists focussed on AI techniques like natural language processing and machine learning to build the next generation of tools to power marketing campaigns.

Having a background as a CFO to venture backed companies, I appreciate the tangible results and RoI delivered by Orcawise

Portrait of Carmel McLoughlin, Orcawise

Carmel McLoughlin - Orcawise

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Scale with Orcawise AI

To Infinity and Beyond!

  • Founders graduated from NovaUCD - center for new ventures and entrepreneurs

  • Member of Dogpatch Labs, the community for innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Established Orcawise NLP Innovation Program to deliver the future of marketing AI

  • Established sales and customer service centers in Dublin, London and New York

Orcawise is a scaling company helping scaling companies succeed

Portrait of Carmel McLoughlin, Orcawise

Carmel McLoughlin - Orcawise

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