Orcawise Innovation Program

NLP Innovation Program

Orcawise NLP Innovation Program provides a world class on-the-job learning program for data science graduates that want practical experience of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.

  • Duration: 100-days
  • Time: 4-hours per day, it's flexible
  • Role: Work on AI NLP/ML tasks
  • Award: Innovation Program Certificate

The applied AI is focussed on automating marketing and customer experience processes. Orcawise has a particular focus on applying AI to identify 'buyer signals' in text, video, audio and customizing data pipelines for marketing organisations. Successful applicants can focus in one, or a combination of four specialisations:

Choose a specialisation:

  • NLP Data Annotation & Labelling
  • NLU Contextual Processing
  • Web Scraping Algorithms
  • Social Media Analytics

100-day intensive on-the-job AI learning program delivered via Google Classroom. The hours are flexible with a minimum committment of 4-hours per day.

You'll have an opportunity to execute mission critical tasks as part of a team - annotation & labelling, python coding, machine learning transformers, debugging, prototyping, social media analytics, scraping algorithms, devops etc.

You'll work in a team consisting of data scientists, software developers and marketing professionals and you'll recieve mentoring from both technical and business mentors. Participants on the Orcawise Innovation Program can also contribute to other initiatives in the Orcawise Community of corporates, startups, academic research partners and AI industry influencers.


Certificate of Completion

On successful completion you'll be awarded the Orcawise Innovation Program Certificate. Past graduates are successful in finding jobs with management consulting firms, banks and insurance companies, marketing agencies, research organisations as well as many AI startups.

The value of the program lies in its flexible approach to learning AI in a business context. The majority of Orcawise Innovation Program graduates find jobs with the many employers in our community. In addition Orcawise recruits internally from our graduate intern pool - depending on requirements there may be opportunities to interview for positions with our R&D and Client Services teams.

How to join the Orcawise program

  • 1. Apply with your resume
  • 2. Pre-interview technical test
  • 3. Video interview
  • 4. Start the Orcawise program

Apply for the program

Complete form - insert specialisation in the subject - attach resume

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