Alternative Data API

Orcawise Alternative Data API provides stockbrokers, banks, investors and marketers with real-time data pipe of insights about public quoted companies

Get carefully curated and filtered market intelligence about the online activities of publicly quoted companies.

Connect to our API dashboard and comsume information from articles, blogs, social media, video, podcasts, tv etc.

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Alternative Data API

What is the Alternative Data API?

Alternative data refers to non-traditional data sets that investors use to guide investment strategy. Examples of alternative data sets include credit card transaction data, mobile device data, IoT sensor data, satellite imagery, social media sentiment, product reviews, weather data, web traffic, app usage and ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) data. Some alternative data providers also track corporate jet flights, government contracts and Congressional trading.

What can I do with the Alternative Data API?

Most hedge fund managers use alternative data to gain a competitive advantage. This data represents unique non-traditional and non-market financial and economic information such as social media sentiment, newspaper articles content, blog posts, satellite imagery, social media comments, and business trends and patterns. Recent studies show that nearly 69 percent of hedge fund executives use alternative data. Risk managers use signals of environmental, social, and governance change to make better decisions. All investors have a need for alternative data to make well informed decision quickly.

Alternative Data API usecase

Investment firms consider social media data when evaluating stocks. Orcawise, for example, has a Facebook Followers collection, which tracks “like” numbers, and other Facebook information for more than 100kcompanies. orcwise provices datasets for Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many otehr social platforms. Social comments and product reviews can also help firms decide whether to buy, sell or hold. Before Peloton shares tumbled after the treadmill recall, the number of online reviews that included “terrible,” “poor,” “bad” or “broken” suddenly increased dramatically — a signal to sell for those investors that has this information.

How to integrate

Orcawise provides investors with access to eight sources of alternative data - WEB TRAFFIC, APP USAGE, SOCIAL MEDIA, PRODUCT REVIEWS, SATELLITE, GEOLOCATION, ARTICLES, BLOGS covering the full spectrum of social, political and economic domains. Orcawise will customise an alternative data solution to fit your investment strategy. We tailor private and secure API's keys which you can download from the Orcawise API dashboard. Alternatively Orcawise will deliver daily feeds of alternative data to your Telegram, Discord and Slack channles.

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