Buying Signals API

Orcawise Buying Signals API provide marketers with a real-time data pipe of buying signals & market intelligence about industries, markets, companies, competitors

Power your marketing campaigns, product research, market research, customer service and business development activities with a customised data pipeline of all the online activities that matter to you

Never miss a sales lead - connect to our API dashboard and consume information from articles, blogs, social media, video, podcasts, tv etc.

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Buying Signals API

What is the Buying-Signals API?

Buying Signals refers to buyer information extracted from the data sources you are interested in. Examples of buying signals include the names of companies, contacts and relationships found online. You can use keywords and terms to automatically search to identify contacts that may be interested in buying your products and services. Our algorithims understand the context of information in articles, social media, video, audio so you can automate list building for your marketing campaigns

What can I do with the Buying-Signals API?

Marketers use Buying Signals to gain a competitive advantage. This data represents a unique way to understand target market intelligence. Buying signals consists of the names of companies and contacts related to topics of interest you. Signals are extracted from data sources relevant to your business. Scaling companies can customise the Orcawise API's to automatically monitor every data source in your industry for specific information. Orcawise Buying Signals will power your business development, marketing campaigns, customer service, sales, market and product research activities

Buying-Signals API usecase

Orcawise, aggregates information from all the major News APIs and adds a new layer of intelligence called Buying Signals. For a Fintech company, for example, Orcawise is monitoring news in 300 million sources using the keyword term 'payment protocol' to identify potential buyers for their new payments platform. In addition Orcawise monitors Twitter to power their customer support operation and YouTube for competitor intelligence. With these three data sources the Fintech company can rest assured they have clean real-time data sets for sales, marketing, customer service and competitor monitoring.

How to integrate

Contact Orcawise and we will customise a Buying Signals solution to fit your scaling strategy. We provide private and secure API's keys which you can download from the Orcawise API dashboard. In addition to the dahboard Orcawise will deliver daily feeds of buying signals to your team in Telegram, Discord and Slack channels to power your marketing campaigns with leads and market intelligence.

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