Orcawise extracts buying signals from all your datasources

Execute with Orcawise

  • Identify every datasource in your market
  • Compile keyword lists to identify buyers
  • Monitor datasources for buying signals
  • Extract buying signals and sentiment
  • Push buying signals to your sales team

Orcawise buying signals are available in Slack, Discord, Telegram, Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive

opnion thumbnailKevin Neary,Orcawise

Orcawise reveals the intent signals coming from your buyers

Scale with Orcawise

  • Recieve buying intent in real-time
  • Track influencers and conversations
  • Draw inferences from competitors actions
  • Know everything that's trending in your market

Orcawise intent monitoring will reveal your buyers readiness to buy in your market

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Our unique approach


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