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NLP Innovation Program for Data Science Graduates

February 2022

The Orcawise NLP Innovation Program for data science graduates provides excellent work experience in a product & services company.

The program is on-the-job learning where participants execute daily tasks under the direction of a mentor. Participants will learn how to set-up the NLP (Natural Language Processing) environment, do Data Annotation, NER and Triples. Participants can also contribute to new innovations and build models for NLP contextual understanding. Benchmark your work against industry standards and tools and you'll come away from this program after 12-weeks with a solid foundation in Data Science, spefifically in AI NLP/ML.

Duration: 12 weeks
Location: Online
Time commitment: 4 hours/day
Start Date: February 2022

About the Program

The core focus is on reading articles and annotating text for machine learning purposes. Once the annotation tasks are completed daily, program participants that are more technically oriented can contribute more and join one of our innovation-driven projects. These innovation projects are dedicated to solving the technical challenges associated with some of the burning data science topics of the day.

“It was my pleasure to be a part of the Orcawise NLP Innovation Program and work on an interesting project which really helped me to move ahead in my career.”

Priyam Bansal, Data Scientist, Capgenini

Program Learnings

  • Experience 1: Set-up the NLP Triples environment

    Optimise your computer environment for production. Learn how to calculate stats on an NLP project and observe how code is being developed for triples extraction.

  • Experience 2: NLP Text Annotation

    Read business articles daily, and annotate the text according to predefined guidelines. Run the models and benchmark your results against industry standards.

  • Experience 3: DevOps experience

    Work with Git for code management. Track changes in the source code and enable other data scientists and developers to work together on non-linear development.

  • Experience 4: Exposure to product development

    Optionally, if you want additional experience your mentors will provide exposure to back-end, front-end, testing and the full product development life cycle.

  • Experience 5: Weekly lectures

    Each week the mentors deliver lectures with insights into the burning data science topics of the day. Lectures include NLP contextual understanding and Web 3.0 topics.

  • Experience 6: Team Leading Opportnities

    Optionally, if you want to take on more responsibility your can ask your mentor for a team leading opportunity.

Program mentors

The program is run by The Orcawise Data Science Team who are focused on delivering ‘buying signals’ to scaling companies. Participants work remotely and engage via Google Workspace, Zoom and Google Classroom. On-the-job learning is achieved by completing assigned tasks, mentoring sessions, videos and instruction documents. The core tasks are focused on natural language processing - reading articles and annotating data for machine learning. More technically orientated participants can additionally get involved in helping solve technical challenges with code.

The mentors have backgrounds in data science, software development, design and marketing

The program is benchmarked against NLP industry standards and tools.

Meet the mentors and program leaders:

Carmel McLoughlin

Carmel McLoughlin

Head of Data Operations

Dublin, Ireland

Sanpreet Singh

Sanpreet Singh

Senior Data Scientist

Punjab, India

Damian Vazquez

Damian Vazquez

Head of AI

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alex Gomes

Alex Gomes

Head Data Visualization

London, UK

Kevin Neary

Kevin Neary

Data Science Entrepreneur

New York, USA

Program Benefits

This program is for anyone that requires work experience in a data science company focused on natural language processing and machine learning. It will help you to::

  • Practice how to execute tasks related to nlp data annotation
  • Deploy nlp components and build an nlp pipeline
  • Learn to contribute as part of a data science team
  • Understand the product development process

The Certificate of Completion will be awarded to successful participants who complete daily assigned tasks, attend mentoring sessions and lectures and submit performance stats weekly. Outstanding participants will be awarded a Certificate with Distinction.

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