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Marketing AI Roadmap - evaluate your AI maturity & define your marketing AI strategy roadmap.

February 2022

Marketing AI Roadmap is a consultative program to deliver a Marketing AI Strategy Roadmap for your organization

This new program helps oganisations understand the seismic shift required to transform marketing by defining very specific changes across multiple dimensions. It addresses the required thinking, skill sets, strategies, systems and the cultural evolution required to become an AI machine-learning-driven organization. The roadmap also covers how AI can deliver personalized messages to customers at appropriate points in the consumer lifecycle and how marketers can identify at risk customers and target them with information that will get them to re-engage with the brand.

Duration: 4 weeks
Location: online
Time commitment: 2 hours/week
Start Date: February 2022
Price: 5,275

About the Program

This program helps sales, marketing and data leaders to create change. The marketing world is getting smarter around you and it will soon be out of reach unless you take the initiative now to understand, pilot and scale AI. Participants are introduced to the five stage process of marketing AI evolution followed by an evaluation of your marketing AI maturity benchmarked against the industry leaders. Together we will propose a Marketing AI Strategy Roadmap covering people, process/tools, culture and revenue.

“AI and machine learning is shuffling the deck on every level and in every category, just like digital and big data did a few decades back.”

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau, Chief Evangelist, Google

Program Stages

  • Step 1: Foundation

    Evaluate your business marketing AI capabiliy and define the digital infrastructures required to consistently collect consumer data across the business.

  • Step 2: Prototype

    Test AI vendor tools & get some early-wins for personalisation and customer relationship management across the business.

  • Step 3: Build it

    How to build out the prototypes and start to validate where data-driven predictions and personalization would add value for consumers.

  • Step 4: Scale & Execute

    Start to deploy AI to automate a complete set of marketing activities and start to identify the future strategic capabilities.

  • Step 5: Drive revenue

    With AI deployed evaluate how your business can use the AI models to drive growth and maximise existing and potentially new revenue streams.

Course leaders and contributors

The program is run by The Orcawise Scaling Team who are focused on scaling companies globally with modern strategies, tools and techniques. Participants contribute remotely (onsite option available) via Google Workspace, Zoom and Google Classroom. Knowledge tranfer is achieved via evaluation tools - videos, slides, questioneers, case studies, templates and files. Program participants are taken through a process to evaluate your businesses AI capability which is benchmarked against industry leaders. The program concludes with the Marketing AI Strategy Roadmap presentation.

Meet the program leaders

Carmel McLoughlin

Carmel McLoughlin

CFO & Investor Relations

Kevin Neary

Kevin Neary

Entrepreneur & Scaling Mentor

Damian Vazquez

Damian Vazquez

Head of AI

Alex Gomes

Alex Gomes

Head Data Visualization

Sanpreet Singh

Sanpreet Singh

Senior Data Scientist

Program Benefits

This program is for organisations that dont want to miss the marketing AI opportunity for competitive advantage, process automation, revenue maximisation, and possible new business models. It will enable you to:

  • Evaluate your current marketing AI capability and maturity
  • Understand the opportunities for competitive advantage and revenue maximisation
  • Write your Marketing AI Strategy Roadmap under the direction of a team of specialists

On completion your will be presented with (Your Business Name) Marketing AI Strategy Roadmap.

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