AI Data Annotation

AI Data Annotation

As part of the Data Annotation & Labeling service, Orcawise enriches your data using a suite of human-driven data annotation services, at scale. Data is prepared to find patterns and inferences. Orcawise data annotators preprocess the data to make it usable for the purpose of machine learning. We process millions of data points across text, image, video, audio and geo datasets.

  • Start with an Annotation consultation
  • We’ll present your services proposal
  • Meet your team of annotators
  • Execute your annotation and labeling

Our inhouse team is certified on the 3-month Orcawise NLP innovation Program and we operate from a private and secure environment in Dublin providing our clients with the full range of data annotation and labeling services


Data Annotation and Labeling

Orcawise partners with fast growth venture backed companies that want scale. Orcawise roll out the best-in-class data labeling process to build accurate and predictable pipelines of the best quality training data to power your NLP algorithms. Orcawise supports labeling for named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text classification, intent classification, text recognition, speech recognition.

Text classification, sentiment analysis, intent classification, named entity recognition, audio data collection and transcription, audio classification, text recognition.

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