Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Marketing Artificial Intelligence

As part of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence service, Orcawise provides an AI strategy roadmap. his new program helps organisations understand the seismic shift required to transform marketing by defining very specific changes across multiple dimensions. It addresses the required thinking, skill sets, strategies, systems and the cultural evolution required to become an AI machine-learning-driven organization.

  • Start with a Marketing AI consultation
  • We’ll present your services proposal
  • Meet your Marketing AI team
  • Implement the Marketing AI strategy

The roadmap also covers how AI can deliver personalized messages to customers at appropriate points in the consumer lifecycle and how marketers can identify customer churn risks.


Marketing AI Strategies

Orcawise partners with fast growth venture backed companies that want scale with AI. The Orcawise Marketing AI strategy is a five step process: 1. Foundation - evaluate where you are at. 2. Prototype personalisation and relationship management. 3. Build and evaluate. 4. Scale & execute the automation and start to identify the future strategic capabilities. 5. Drive revenue - use the AI models to drive growth and new revenue streams.

Don’t miss the marketing AI opportunity for competitive advantage, process automation, revenue maximisation, and possible new business models.

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