Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

As part of the Natural Language service, Orcawise program Natural Language Processing (NLP) software solutions to analyze structured and semi-structured content, including search queries, mined web data, business data repositories, and audio sources to detect emerging trends, provide operational insights, and perform predictive analytics.

  • Start with an NLP consultation
  • We’ll present your NLP services proposal
  • Meet your team of NLP experts
  • Execute your NLP models

Rest assured that our NLP consultants ensure that the natural language pipeline performs perfectly within your software environment and integrates seamlessly so as not to put existing systems and processes at risk.


Orcawise NLP Strategies

Orcawise is a Python specialist services company for NLP. Orcawise partners with fast growth venture backed companies that want scale. Python services teams are available to augment your natural language projects. Our own core team is expert in all the frameworks and libraries, such as NLTK, SpaCy, CoreNLP, TextBlob, Pattern, PyNLPI, Genism. With so many packages available, R is one of our go-to tools for statistical modeling, plotting, and advanced data exploration.

Java is also part of the Orcawise NLP skill-set as it is especially suitable when working with the multitude of neural networks as well as for the seamless implementation of NLP frameworks.

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