Marketing AI
Natural Language Processing

Experienced Natural Language Processing Consultants. Implement your NLP applications or improve existing applications with Orcawise NLP consulting and implementation services. Leverage our NLP and marketing data science and get a better solution now.

Marketing Signals

Scaleups need buyer signals to enter new markets. Identify, extract and analyse the wealth of information found in news, videos, audio, image.

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Sentiment & Market Intelligence

Monitor social media, reviews, news, and other relevant sources to gain better insights about customers, partners, competitors, and market trends.

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Product Management

Intelligent products require data pipelines. Orcawise NLP experts will power your Traveltech, Fintech, Medtech, Martech & most intelligent SaaS apps.

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Targeted Advertising

Power your targeted advertising applications with Natural Language Processing for online activity monitoring and intellinent keyword matching.

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Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Marketing Artificial Intelligence Strategy Roadmap. Orcawise provides the strategies and tools to evolve a modern marketing organisation

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AI Team Augmentation

Orcawise consultants are certified in NLP, marketing data scientists, data analysis, python engineering, machine learning. Industry Leading Consultants.

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