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One unique aspect of the American Marketing Association (AMA) community is the vast number of industries it represents. Because every business has marketing needs, its members hail from industries across the globe such as education, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, and more. It shares its wealth of knowledge with over 100,000 subscribers in its email newsletter.

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To deliver only the most relevant content the AMA AI system uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate personalized Smart Newsletters and provide newsletter automation.


The Results

By doing so, it dramatically increases reader engagement and provides rich insights back to the brand, while saving organizations time. To personalize each newsletter to a subscriber, the solution uses AI for both curation and filtering content from sources chosen by the AMA. This includes the selection of each individual piece of content, the placement of articles, and the subject line selected for each reader.

The result. A newsletter that provides a perfectly personalized experience to each and every reader. Plus, the platform is able to infuse the newsletters with AMA's internally produced content and feature it at the top of the newsletter, maximizing visibility. As a result, the AMA website has been the number one overall clicked source within the newsletter, regularly driving thousands of additional users to the site. Source: Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

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